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VMUG Ireland 2020Q3 Meeting

Date: October 22nd 2020

Location: Virtual!


  1. Paul Wilk - Global Payments - Senior Infrastructure Engineer
    VMUG Welcome Session & Prize Draw (9:00-9:10am)
  2. Wouter Kursten - ControlUP - Professional Services Engineer
    Horizon automation: from 101 to deepdive (9:15 - 10:30am)
    Learn how to get started with the VMware Horizon REST and SOAP API's to automate desktop and RDS pool CRUD (create/read/update/delete) operations. Find out about the basic principles of the Horizon API and what it takes to get started with your automation project through the PowerCLI and Horizon module in a session full of Live demo's..
  3. Ivaylo Ivanov - Runecast - VMware Engineer
    #100DaysOfCode challenge - building code skills and habits (10:40-11:25am)
    I would like to share the idea behind, how to get started and what can one achieve during the challenge. One of the most important things to shape a new habit is persistence and consistency. The 100DaysOfCode, even if it sounds tough, aims to help you along the way.
  4. Ian Sanderson - TruStack - Technical Presales Consultant
    Horizon Cloud on Azure, VDI made easy (11:35-12:20pm)
    Some might argue that 2020 is finally the year of VDI. In this session, we look at some of the pre-requisites for deploying Horizon Cloud on Azure as well as how to optimise cloud spend.
  5. Carl Bavington - VMware - Senior Solutions Engineer
    What happened at VMworld 2020 (12:30-1:25pm)
    A recap of all the new announcements at VMworld 2020 that align with the five pillars of VMware’s overall strategy (App Modernisation, Multi-Cloud, Digital Workspace, Virtual Cloud Network, Intrinsic Security)
  6. Keith Lee - VMware - Senior Tech Marketing Architect  
    Ahh, there’s Kubernetes clusters everywhere, help, how am I going to manage all these? (1:35-2:30pm)
    Kubernetes is everywhere, literally, across teams and even different clouds. How am I going to manage that massive management burden but also scale? Don’t worry, I will show you how to set consistent policy and security across all your Kubernetes clusters, no matter where they are deployed, from a global control plane.
  7. Robin Gardner  - Xtravirt - CIO/CTO
    Operating models for a VMware Cloud on AWS and Cloud world (2:40-3:10PM)
    Cloud continues to evolve way beyond its early days as an infrastructure service commodity. Increasingly a key enabler of digital business transformation, for many it has also played a critical role in enabling business survival through the first half of 2020. Tangible change has not been as rapid in IT operations, even Gartner coined the phrase “Digital Business Infrastructure Operations” to recognise the need for new skills and responsibilities, so where are the key opportunities for VMware Cloud on AWS platform owners?  
  8. Benedikt Frenzel - VMware - Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Certificate Management Improvements in vSphere over the Time (3:20-4:05pm)
    This talk will take you on a journey from a 157 step process back in the vSphere 5.x days to 4 simple REST API calls in the most recent vSphere releases.
  9. Kev Johnson - Runecast - Systems Engineer
    You Liked It, So We Put Kubernetes In It (4:15-5:00pm)
    Join Kev Johnson, Senior Systems Engineer at Runecast as he takes us through the latest features of Runecast Analyzer. Team Runecast has not been idle during COVID-19: in the last 9 months there have been 12 updates, adding a ton of new functionality. We'll do a whistlestop tour, and then focus on the latest releases, including 4.5, which was announced at VMworld. What functionality did we add? You'll have to come along to find out!
  10. Christian Parker - IBM - Site Reliability Engineer  
    Life as a SRE (5:10-5:55PM)
    Shifting your focus from System Administrator to Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) isn’t as big a step as you may think. My definition of SRE is doing what you can do beforehand, to make sure you do not get a call at 3am saying a system is down. And if you do, making sure you get back to bed as quickly and as stress free as possible.


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